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As a trusted provider of quality generators, rentals, and spares in Rustenburg and Pretoria, we at JJCB have been committed to providing excellent service, supplies, and advice to our customers since 1998.

Welcome to JJCB Electrical and Generators, a trusted provider of high-quality diesel generators in Rustenburg. Our company was founded by JJC Buitendag and has a goal of achieving a reputation for excellence in quality, on-time delivery, and integrity.

At JJCB, we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to meet the specialized electrical and generator needs of our customers in the commercial, industrial, and mining sectors.

We offer reliable, flexible, and cost-effective options and are committed to providing the highest level of service and attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on our convenient location, top-quality products and services, and competitive pricing. We work hard to maintain the highest standards and meet the diverse needs of our customers. Thank you for choosing JJCB Electrical and Generators.

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Dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to meet all your specialized electrical and generator requirements.